Obituaries & More

The obituary index at Benson Memorial Library has historically been handwritten on index cards. Since 2015, we have been manually entering the content of these cards into a Google Spreadsheet. Each letter is a different sheet (26 total) and alphabetized by surname. The spreadsheet can be searched by pressing CTRL+F and searching the desired name. If you find an inaccuracy, please email Jessica Hilburn at so she can remedy it!

Entries are continuously updated and new obituaries are added every day.

Click this link to go to our obituary index: Benson Memorial Library Obituary Index

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To see what’s going on at the library, view our calendars, search the catalog, request a book for us to purchase, or a variety of other tasks, click the link above for more information!

Benson in the News:

Here at Benson, we also maintain a scrapbook of all our happenings in the news. Check out our Pinterest board of news write-ups at the link above!

Historic Design Guidelines for Titusville, PA Structures, 2018

The City of Titusville commissioned historic design guidelines for structures in the city’s historic district. The above link provides a detailed book of structural details, recommendations, and more that are specific to our local residential and commercial buildings!

Titusville PA Heritage Connection

The above is a link to the Heritage Connection Portal, a site run by Benson Memorial Library, Drake Well Museum, Titusville Alumni Association, and the Titusville Historical Society. On the site, you can request genealogy information or see great local artifacts in exhibits from Titusville and the Oil Region.