Queen Cutlery: The History of a Titusville Icon

At the top of Chestnut Street there is a long brick building with tall gaping windows. Just standing outside and gazing at it, one can feel the life that has flowed through this building. You can almost see the hustle and bustle of young men and women at the turn of the century who worked there after school to make a couple of bucks and the seasoned artisans and laborers who devoted their lives to an essential, yet beautiful craft. This building has been home to the knife-making industry for 116 years. It is the home of the nationally renowned Queen Cutlery.

Titusville Region in WWII

Hello readers! We are taking a brief hiatus from the obituary posts. Don’t worry, they are still diligently being digitized, but we thought a change of pace may be nice as well! image This week in doing some commissioned research, I came across an Honor Roll list of men from the Titusville region and surrounding areas who passed away during service in World War II. The list is from the December 7, 1945 edition of the Titusville Herald.