Weird 1800s Deaths in Titusville


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A short update of weird or different deaths that we have come across while digitizing our obituary records for Titusville, PA!

  • 2 September 1868: Man dies of fractured skull when he fell down the stairs at a beer saloon in Titusville.
  • 18 December 1867: Man killed in a train wreck in New York
  • Late 1800s: Child poisoned when given opium instead of rhubarb due to a drug clerk’s error.
  • July 1866: Man killed by a falling beam at Boyd Farm
  • 30 September 1867: Man accidentally shot self and died
  • 6 February 1934: Man died in a field
  • 27 March 1875: A Swedish man was killed by a falling beam while pulling down the old Parker Refinery
  • 10 November 1865: Man died of typhoid pneumonia at Pithole.

Will post more as we go, so check back in later!

This post will be part of a series called A Thousand Ways to Die in the Oil Region.

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