Summer Art Show 2017

Benson Memorial Library1st Annual Amateur Art Show!

From June 26th through July 1st Benson Memorial Library is hosting our first annual Summer Art Show! While the program is a part of our adult summer reading program, anyone in the community was welcome to submit art for display. Below, you will see a virtual version of our art show for those who can’t come into the library and see it in person! Submissions were by people ages 7 to infinity! [Art pieces are listed L-R from the top-down.]

Entire Art WallArt Wall with Tags

Stormy Sea – Gunner SchonStormy Weather Painting - Gunner Schon

Winter Barn Scene – Heather HilburnWinter Barn Painting - Heather Hilburn

Beach Scene – Gunner SchonBeach Painting - Gunner Schon

Bright Sunset – Gunner SchonBright Sunset Painting - Gunner Schon

Dark Sunset – Gunner SchonSunset Painting - Gunner Schon

Moon & Sun on Slate – Samantha GraySun and Moon on Slate - Samantha Gray

Ice on Wheel Photograph – Steve VromanIce on Wheel Photo - Steve Vroman

Flowers Photograph – Carolyne FordFlowers Photo - Carolyne Ford

Disco Man Drawing – Finn HoenkeDisco Drawing - Finn Hoenke

Oranges Drawing – Jachin LameyOranges Drawing - Jachin Lamey

Half Car Drawing – Jachin LameyHalf Car Drawing - Jachin Lamey

Bluebird Drawing – Jachin LameyBluebird Drawing - Jachin Lamey

Cartoons – Tom BoyleCartoons - Tom Boyle

Short Story – Mikayla Owen

Click here to read Mikayla’s Story: “The Forbidden” by Mikayla Owen

Short Story

Cactus Painting & Puppy Drawing – Marley GriffinCactus Painting and Dog Drawing - Marley Griffin

Zoo in Blue – Cinnamin VromanZoo in Blue - Cinnamin Vroman

Turtle Photograph – Dale YashinskiTurtle Photo - Dale Yashinski

Goose & Turtles Photograph – Dale YashinskiGoose and Turtles Photo - Dale Yashinski

Digital Art – Nicholas TuckerDigital Art - Nicholas Tucker

Barn Painting on Slate – Joe WezaczkiBarn Painting on Slate - Joe Wezaczki

Robin with Worm Photograph – Gavin GriffinRobin with Worm Photo - Gavin Griffin

Redwing Blackbird Photograph – Dale YashinskiRedwing Blackbird Photo - Dale Yashinski

Blue Heron Photograph – Dale YashinskiBlue Heron Photo - Dale Yashinski

Thank you for visiting the virtual version of the 2017 Benson Summer Art Show! If you missed the submission deadline this year, don’t worry! We will be hosting the art show again in Summer 2018. Submissions can include: paintings, drawings, photographs, digital art, poems, short stories, and more! If you have a chance to stop into the library and see it in person, please do! These amazing works of art are even more magnificent in person.

Thank you to all the talents artists who submitted!

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