Homecoming: THS 150

This year marks 150 years since the beginning of high school education in Titusville! To celebrate, this post is a photo walk through time, from 1915 to last year’s homecoming. It includes memories from football, cheerleading, majorettes, marching band, homecoming parades, and homecoming courts. Maybe you will see yourself or a friend. Feel free to share, reminisce, and cheer on our Rockets at Homecoming 150 this Friday!

*Disclaimer: Benson Memorial Library does not own the copyright to these photographs. They all come from various editions of The Optimist, Titusville High School Yearbook. All are shared here for personal, noncommercial, reminiscence use only. If you own one of these photos and wish for it to be taken down, please email us and we’d be happy to do so. If you would like to see any yearbook 1915-2019 in person, they can be viewed at the library for free anytime. Thank you!*
THS Football Team 1915
Titusville High School Football Team, 1915. Source: The Optimist, 1915.
Football THS 1925
THS Football Season, 1915. Source: The Optimist, 1926.
Football Team THS 1930
THS Football Team, 1930. Source: The Optimist, 1931.
THS Cheerleaders 1945
THS Cheerleaders, 1945. Source: The Optimist, 1946.
THS Football Players 1961
THS Football Players, 1952. Source: The Optimist, 1953.

THS Cheerleaders 1961

THS Cheerleaders 2 1961
THS Cheerleaders, 1952. Source: The Optimist, 1953.
THS Band and Majorettes 1961
THS Band and Majorettes, 1952. Source: The Optimist, 1953.
1957 Undefeated Champion Rockets Football Team. Source: The Optimist, 1958.

THS Football 1977

THS Football Conference 1977
The Rockets are Northwest Conference Champions, 1977. Source: The Optimist, 1978.
THS Homecoming Parade 1980
THS Homecoming Parade, 1980. Source: The Optimist, 1981.
THS Cheerleaders 1985
THS Rockettes, 1985. Source: The Optimist, 1986.
THS Band 1994.jpg
THS Marching Band, 1994. Source: The Optimist, 1995.
THS Homecoming Court 2003
THS Homecoming Court, 2003. Source: The Optimist, 2004.
THS Band 2010
THS Marching Band, 2010. Source: The Optimist, 2011.
THS Football Team, 2018. Source: The Optimist, 2019.





6 thoughts on “Homecoming: THS 150

  1. Norman Cole

    Very nice display of memorable pictures over the past 150 years~~~~BUT, how could you not HIGHLIGHT the 1957-58 football team~~~The only UNDEFEATED AND UNTIED football team EVER AT T.H.S.?!?!?!?!

    Liked by 1 person

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